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Winter Night || Loki & Steve

It was snowing… And it was no great secret that this Loki hated the snow. There had been a time when this was not true- he once enjoyed the rare snowfalls of Asgard, but not now. Now they reminded him of his heritage, of what he really was, and other things of unmentionable nature.

The City was beautiful in the snow, he would admit; the parks were winter jungles and the frozen waters were a sight to behold.

He had taken to venturing out into the cold as of late. The trickster often dabbled in mischief and the spectacle that humans made of themselves in preparation of their Midgardian holiday were entertaining enough on their own. He would not even try to understand this “holiday cheer” and most certainly did not go out of his way partake in the festivities. Beneath him, they all were…

He was journeying back to his apartment when he caught sight of a familiar face in the window of a small diner. He paused, only briefly, letting his eyes scan  over the surrounding tables and crowd to see if the Captain was alone… He was, it seemed, but the god wouldn’t let his guard down until he was certain. He should have kept on his way. Should’ve gone back to his apartment…

Loki walked into the diner and ordered a coffee at the bar. The disguise he wore tonight was blonde and dark-eyed, but very much the same in facial structure and skin tone. He very seldom changed those out of personal preference. It was not a great disguise, he was very much aware, but without the iconic black locks and piercing green eyes, it kept many from sparing him a second glance. The disguise wouldn’t mean much in a few minutes, anyway.

As soon as he was served his coffee, he took the cup and slid into the booth across from the hero. “Hello, Steven.” He greets coolly, lips upturning into a very Lokian grin. “Did you miss me?”